News Rollup: Legals PR4 and Sun / Laszlo collaboration

I wanted to make sure everyone had seen two pieces of OpenLaszlo news that broke this week. Together the two create a very strong validation of our multi-runtime strategy.

First, we reached our fourth Legals snapshot, including dramatic improvements in application and component functionality under DHTML. We have now brought over multiple OpenLaszlo applications from 3.x to Legals, with very few code changes in all cases. (There are still some significant caveats, which is why this is not a beta release: several of the components -- combobox, datagrid, menu, floatinglist -- do not yet work, and IE6 support continues to lag behind support for FireFox 1.5.)

Calendar is here. We brought this demo over from 3.3.3 by changing 20 out of a total of 3700 lines of code. (Note that this version of the demo does not work in IE6, but the latest Legals nightly build has fixes to many of these problems -- here.)

Components Sampler is here. The combobox and datagrid examples are not functional in this example, but you'll notice that every other component is fully functioning. Note that these are completely custom widgets -- the only stock HTML widget in use here is for text entry.

The news posting for PR4 is here.

Second, Sun Microsystems and Laszlo Systems announced a collaboration to develop a Java Micro Edition runtime for OpenLaszlo Legals. We're very excited about the potential of this project, code named Orbit, and thrilled to be working with Sun. The idea of OpenLaszlo applications running on literally billions of embedded and mobile devices is amazing, and we're looking forward to a dramatic expansion of the potential of the framework.

The news release for Orbit is here.

6 Responses to “News Rollup: Legals PR4 and Sun / Laszlo collaboration”

  1. raju Says:

    Cool! I’ve been playing around with the PR3, which is a lot of fun. It’s fascinating to see how the dreams of the Laszlo Systems founders, of creating a multi-runtime server platform, turn into reality. Of course all of that is only possible with the extraordinary performance of the OpenLaszlo team.

    Congratulations! We all love you for the quality work you are delivering.


  2. Raju Bitter » Building Flash and AJAX based Rich Internet Applications with OpenLaszlo Says:

    [...] Just a few days ago the OpenLaszlo team announced the 4th preview release of the OpenLaszlo 4.0 version. Most of the components seem to be functioning now. OpenLaszlo standard components in DHMTL/AJAX app [...]

  3. Jess Says:

    Combobox, datagrid, menu, and floatinglist don’t yet work seamless in PR4, eh? I don’t think they work well in 3.3.3 either ;)

    Hopefully the move to Legals from 3.3.3 will see a brighter day for some of these components — ESPECIALLY datagrid.

  4. IndianPad Says:

    OpenLaszlo Project Blog

    OpenLaszlo Project Blog posted at

  5. Maximiliano Firtman Says:

    Orbit announcement is a big project. I leave a comment in my blog

    I’m excited about this project… I hope it will be as the Java ME developers can expect. I think more information about how the engine will work will be useful to analyze application porting in the future. Many mobile developers will see OpenLaszlo with big eyes.

    Congratulations for the project.

  6. Arab Says:

    Nice move, so I could provide mail app for my Nokia users as well ;)

    Thank you,


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