Sighting: chooses OpenLaszlo

This is huge! has chosen OpenLaszlo as the core technology for its new web site features. Check out the site at:


8 Responses to “Sighting: chooses OpenLaszlo”

  1. Le blog de Monsieur Patate » Blog Archive » Walmart sous OpenLaszlo Says:

    [...] L’annonce sur le blog du projet OpenLaszlo openlaszlo walmart [...]

  2. Gireesh Says:

    I couldnt find it in, which page has this implementation.?

  3. JB Says:

    The “Toys” section.

  4. John Dowdell Says:

    Congrats on the work… is it the SWF splash screen on the “Toys” page I should be looking at, which displays an image map until changing to a slider UI, or are there additional interactions in here I haven’t discovered yet?

    tx, jd

  5. Traxx Says:

    Go to

  6. Arab Says:

    Nice stuff! go OL! :)


  7. Lyndon Wong Says:

    WOW! Just came across this awesome news. Congratulations to the OpenLaszlo team!!

  8. X Says:

    Actually, the parts that are created in OpenLaszlo are the large Flash rectangles in the upper sections of the homepage and the category pages. The ones with the stop/play and navigational number buttons.

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