OpenLaszlo at WebappsCon in South Korea

This week we had the chance to present OpenLaszlo at WebappsCon in Seoul. WebappsCon is a one day conference with focus on the newest technical internet trends. The conference was held at COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center) in Kangnam (southern Seoul). More than 1,000 people attended the conference, only very few people had ever heard of OpenLaszlo.

WebappsCon 2007

I did a one hour presentation of OpenLaszlo technology, attended by around 200 people. The presentation was held in Korean, which is a huge advantage in Korea, as it's still hard for many Koreans to fully understand a presentation held in English. After lunch I took part in a panel discussion on the future of RIA with two Koreans, one working for Microsoft Korea representing Silverlight technology, the other one an Adobe Flex specialist. The panel discussion was held in front of the full audience of more than 1,000 conference attendees, giving us the chance to make OpenLaszlo technology a lot more visible in a country, which features some of the most advanced Flash applications deployed.

WebappsCon 2007 in Seoul, Korea

I didn't have a chance to contact the company working on the PCAnn application before my trip to Korea. PCAnn is the first OpenLaszlo application deployed in Korea we know off right now (if there are others, please report them to us!). But when I was approached by a number of Koreans right after the OpenLaszlo presentation, one of them was the Mun-sik Kang, the CEO of Digital Trend Inc.. PCAnn is one of the projects Digital Trend is working on right now. Mun-sik told me that he is very satisfied with OpenLaszlo and is planning to use OpenLaszlo in some of his future projects. Here's a picture of Mun-sik and me at the conference. It was great to meet you, Mun-sik! Good luck with OpenLaszlo for your future projects.

Mun-sik Kang, CEO of Digital Trends with me at WebappsCon

It's always a nice surprise to meet the people behind the applications built with our technology. If you have been building applications with OpenLaszlo and members of the OpenLaszlo team or Laszlo System are around, please contact us and tell us about the work you have been doing.

There's one person among the many supportive Koreans which I want to mention again: Yun-Seok Chan (Channy), the leader of the Korean Firefox team, a huge supporter of the open source idea and a great person. Without Channy I wouldn't have been a the conference, and he even made it possible for us to do OpenLaszlo presentations at Daum, the company he's working for and Naver/NHN. Thank you, Channy, this is a great way to support the OpenLaszlo project!

Yun Seok-Chan known as Channy with me

Channy is leading a hard fight in South Korea to get at least one percent of the Korean internet users to switch to Firefox, right now the rate is still below one percent. You wonder what the small Firefox team lead by Channy can do against the huge power of Internet Explorer and tons of ActiveX plugins? Read this great article on how Naver and Daum both support Firefox, and visit MozillaZine Korea for more information on this process.

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