lzdeploy: new command-line utility for deploying SOLO applications

There is a new utility checked into trunk, which is a command line interface to build SOLO deployment zip archives.

You invoke it via the "lzdeploy" script, which is in


It take the following arguments, and produces an output file by default in the same directory as the app
resides. So for example if it is invoked on a relative path to an app in directory "test/foo/hello.lzx"

lzdeploy --runtime=dhtml test/foo/hello.lzx

it will produce a zip file, test/foo/hello.lzx.zip. This is basically the same routine that is run by the SOLO deploy 'wizard' jsp
script, but can be run from the command line, without needing to use the browser and LPS server.

You can get help with the --help argument:

badtzmaru:trunk3 hqm$ lzdeploy --help
Usage: lzdeploy [OPTION]... FILE...

Set the name/var property to value (See Compiler.getProperties).
Short for -Dname=true.
Only emit html wrapper page.
Compile to swf7, swf8, swf9, dhtml
--output pathname
The name of the output file to write.
--title titlestring
The title of the application to use in the wrapper.
Write progress information to standard output.
Prints this message.

5 Responses to “lzdeploy: new command-line utility for deploying SOLO applications”

  1. Bret Says:

    Thank you!! I’ve wanted this for a long time.

  2. Ron Toledo Says:

    Where can we download this great new command line tool? Does it come with the standard OL installer?

  3. hminsky Says:

    It in trunk, but I don’t think it has gotten migrated to the last release. You can get a nightly build to try it out.

  4. Ron Toledo Says:

    Thank you; I’ll check it out.

  5. How to build an OpenLaszlo DHTML application using Apache Ant - feed99 Says:

    [...] read about OpenLaszlo’s lzdeploy tool, but there seems to be only little documentation [...]

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