OpenLaszlo 4.2 is now available!

OpenLaszlo 4.2 is the recommended platform for all application development in the SWF8, SWF9, and DHTML runtimes. The major new feature in OpenLaszlo 4.2 is the introduction of the SWF9 runtime, which can offer significant performance gains. Unlike previous versions of the Flash player, SWF9 has much stronger typing requirements and you must modify your code to take advantage of the performance gains it offers. To assist you in upgrading your applications to OpenLaszlo 4.2, we have provided various conversion scripts depending on your application goals.

To migrate your 4.0.X or 4.1.1 applications, we strongly suggest that you refer to this wiki page: Runtime_Differences. This page discusses the changes required by SWF9 and also provides a methodology for upgrading your application. It is very important that you run the automated conversion scripts in the recommended order

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    [...] in the in the rich Internet application/rich media applications space for 2009: the OpenLaszlo team announced a first stable release of OpenLaszlo 4.2 with support for the SWF9/Flash9 runtime! The SWF9 runtime will give a decent performance boost to [...]

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  3. ragingmon Says:

    hi, the file that was said in can’t be found in WEB-INF/lps/server/bin/

    can anyone help out?

  4. Max Carlson Says:

    Unfortunately, Openlaszlo 4.2 didn’t ship with a copy of this script - you can get it here:

    I updated the wiki and filed a bug to fix this here:

  5. ragingmon Says:

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    [...] framework OpenLaszlo to build applications RIA is available with version 4.2. This RIA is cool! Allow you build web [...]

  7. MicroWA ยป OpenLaszlo 4.2 available Says:

    [...] A new version of OpenLaszlo is available: I’m really fond of this easy tool to produce Flash a…This version brings support for SWF9 features, which can improves performance for your Flash applications. Tags: Flash, Open Laszlo, Open Source [...]

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    [...] the release of the brand new OpenLaszlo 4.2 compiler it has become a lot easier to extend the platform with runtime-specific code. I did some work on [...]

  9. loudo Says:

    Is there any updated IDE somewhere?

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