OpenLaszlo 4.7.2 is Available

We are pleased to announce that OpenLaszlo 4.7.2 is available and can be downloaded here:

OpenLaszlo 4.7.2 is a bug fix release to OpenLaszlo 4.7.1, and contains 5 important community bug fixes and a new feature adding Silence Level and Timeout attributes to microphone (see the JIRA report 4.7.2 Fixed Bugs for details.

In addition, for OpenLaszlo 4.7.2 and the trunk development branch we have updated our build tools. If you are building from source, then you will need to do the same. Please see the OpenLaszlo wiki page, SubversionBuildInstructions, for updated instructions.

OpenLaszlo continues to be grateful for the significant contributions by André Bargull and Raju Bitter. You guys are amazing - thank you! In addition, we want to thank Cem Sonmez for helping us isolate issues on Linux. Thanks for filing detailed bug reports, creating test apps, and helping us resolve these important bugs. We would also like to thank the entire OpenLaszlo community for your support in so many ways, like submitting bug fixes and participating in discussions to help make OpenLaszlo a better platform.


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