OpenLaszlo 4.9 is Available

OpenLaszlo 4.9 is now available for download at

OpenLaszlo 4.9 is a significant release along the path to Openlaszlo 5.0, which is the upcoming release with newly redesigned components. OpenLaszlo 4.9 contains over 160 bug fixes and implements the infrastructure to support the new components. It also provides new features for creating and deploying mobile applications.

To see the complete list of fixes, refer to the JIRA 4.9 Release notes for details.

OpenLaszlo continues to be grateful for the significant contributions by André Bargull, whose numerous bug fixes and exacting techical reviews make OpenLaszlo more robust. We also want to thank Ono Keiji, Jaco Botha, Alexander Pakhunov, Chen Ding, Clint Dickson, Gioacchino Mazzurco, John Olmstead, Justin Hunt, Pasqualino 'Titto' Assini, Raju Bitter, and Rami Ojares, who took the time to isolate and report important bugs for us to address in this release. Thank you! We would also like to thank the entire OpenLaszlo community for your support in so many ways, like submitting bug fixes, helping users on the OpenLaszlo forums, and participating in discussions to help make OpenLaszlo a better platform.


2 Responses to “OpenLaszlo 4.9 is Available”

  1. Metal3d Says:

    Very impressives changes, bugfixes and glade to see that you still work on improvements. I use OL since 2008 to create some little applications or flash interfaces.

    I’m currently seeking best way to integrate some apps to Titanium (from appcelerator) application with HTML5 solo deploy.

    You are the only viable solution on Linux to create RIA and Flash apps with XML and ECMAScript without to lose our mind :)

    Congrats !

  2. Ben Says:

    Ouch, no updates for a very long time now.

    I’ve been hoping that you were going to surprise the world with cross-platform compliation for iPhone/Android/Blackberry as well as DHTML… but still no joy :-(

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